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Tubing and Piping Background
One Place Industrial Logo


75+ Years

of Combined Industry Experience

Made in America

Same Day Delivery

In the Memphis Area

What We Offer


Walk in with your old tube or hose and our team will duplicate yours to specs so you can walk out with an identical new one.


Our goal is to offer each customer a comprehensive and expansive line of products that meet each individual's needs and stays true to our name.

About Us

One Place Industrial is your single source for the most complete line of flexible hose, fittings, pipes and fluid handling components. The fabrication and distribution of these products are our only focus, and as such, we are committed to quality products, value-added services, competitive prices and providing the highest level of expertise in the industry. We seek to meet all your needs in one place hence the name of our business. 

Are You Interested in Our Services?
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